Mychron 4 - GPS Unit Mounting Help

Is anyone able to provide some advice about where to mount a GPS05 add on for my Mychron 4?

I have been given one to use and have mounted the expansion box and run the wires for the battery/power feed.

Now all that remains is sticking the actual unit to the kart and running/tidying the cable to the expansion box. My first thought was to 3M it to the underside of my Nassau panel, but my mate who gave it to me said it goes on top. Is there any hard and fast rules? Anybody got experience with setting one up?

Picture of how he had it mounted.

AiM would like you to mount it on the top side of the Nassau panel. Double sided tape will work plus a tie-wrap as a backup. If you’re in an area with good satellite coverage, try placing the GPS05 on the lower support for the steering column.

The magnet will hold fairly good, but wrap electrical under the support and over the module. This worked for us except for one track. But no matter where we put the module while at that track, results were iffy.

Link to user manual,
P.S. I stole this idea from TJ.


Thanks Tony!

I noticed it had an awesome magnet. I thought it was for attaching to chassis but I recently learned that’s for car roofs haha.

Yeah I used to attach mine on the Nassau panel too. Anywhere that has clear view of the sky.