Mychron 4 Magnetic Pickup

I have bought a Mychron 4 with RPM Sensor and Magnetic Pickup.The RPM Sensor is working and the Magnetic Pickup isn’t working properly.It is giving me random times from 0:07 to 5:00.

I will post the pics when i am near the kart.


Does your magnetic lap sensor look like this and where do you have it mounted?

@Harry_Dowd Your minimum lap time or number of strips also could be set incorrectly

I have only used the IR sensors until switching to GPS. Are there many kart tracks in the US that have magnetic strips that the Mychron can read or can the Mychron read the same loop as the AMB’s?

It is mounted i front of the tank on the floor plate.

This is the only image I could find of a magnetic sensor mounted on a kart.
If the batteries are good in the M4 and other karters at your track are not having any issues with the magnetic timing system, I wouldn’t hesitate on calling AiM to schedule a repair. Their repair cycle is excellent.
Other things you could try would be:

  1. Inspect the connector on the cable from the sensor for a bent pin,
  2. Use a ohmmeter to check continuity-but it would be difficult to make contact w/ the right pins.
  3. Ask to borrow a working sensor from another karter.

Would it make a difference if i bought it used?

I guess the likelyhood of it being faulty might be slightly increased but in general, AIM gear is rediculously durable In my experience.

I do wonder if the cable Is broken internally? Did you run a continuity test on it.

I haven’t got an ohmeter

I had no idea there was even a magnetic sensor you could use on the 4 instead of the ir sensor, good to know! Think i will be trying this out this year.

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It should work on the floor like that. That said… I have mine on the floor just under the seat where it can hang out over the floor. That way there is clear air between it and the track. I was worried that the aluminium floor can act as a bit of a shield to the magnetic field as it passes quickly through it. I’ve seen people actually drill a large hole in the floor where they have the sensor. Maybe try moving it.

I will try it this Saturday, I will try and take some photos.