Mychron 4 or Alfano?

I’m about to buy a lap timer/tach for my sons kart, a guy local to me has a Mychron 4 for $200 and an Alfano for $75. I had an alfano 15 or 16 years ago when I raced but have never touched a mychron. Any thoughts on these two units?

The Mychron4 works fine, but it is a few years old.
What about getting a Mychron5 instead?

We worked with AIM on creating a series of videos about how to Race Studio, which is the data analysis software that comes with it, that’s here on YouTube.

The Alfano devices are good too. They run off of Off Camber Data, which is the same analysis software for Unipro. I used their software for a year, and it worked alright, but I’m back on the Mychron5 as there are way more people who have them, and it’s easier to share data.

Personally, I’d get an AIM unit.

Right now I’m mainly looking for something a bit more affordable hence why I’m not looking at the Mychron 5. Hes only 7 in his first year of cadet, I’m mainly looking to track lap times during practice sessions and RPM for his gearing at the moment.

I suppose it depends. If you are gonna pull data and use a program like race studio, the mychron 5 wireless capability makes this a breeze at the track. With the 4 you need a dongle.
So I’m with Davin on this one. Get a 5 unless budget prohibits.

Edit: saw your response. Just get the cheap Alfano then. If he gets more serious, buy him something better down the road?

Yeah, I didn’t know he was 7. Agreed get him something simple that works, just until he’s more serious/ experienced.

Whatever is cheapest and gets the job done at that point. I ran a MyChron 2 for years because it was all I needed when first starting out.