Mychron 5, Alfano Pro 3 and Mychron 4+GPS Question

Hey Guys,

I’m after a bit of advice or information. I know there’s a terrific series on using the race studio software for analysing data post race, but I am trying to find out which if any of the lap timers provides real time lap or split time plus/minus from GPS data.

My karting buddy has an extensive motorsport background and is looking for this feature. He’s just bought a GPS unit for his Mychron But hasn’t found that feature. I said I knew who to ask, thus I’m here.

Any tips on best use of the three lap timer devices for on track (and maybe in the pits) would be awesome and greatly appreciated.


If he’s bought a GPS unit I can only guess it’s a mychron 4?

I believe the MyChron5 supports real time splits via GPS. It has an integrated GPS.

Yes, sorry. He’s bought a GPS add on for his Mychron 4 (same as what I have), but is now eye balling Mychron 5 and Alfano alternatives but for that specific feature.

Thanks for that. I’ll pass that on.

I like the idea of it myself. But I barely have time to keep an eye on my temp and rpm. I assume s you get smoother and more controlled there will be more brain power available for things like that.

The Mychron5 with Race Studio3 does support segments in the GPS map. However, I’ve not used this feature and if the segment times are displayed the same way the lap time is displayed at start/finish, I have not idea.

It does, and it is. You just have to make your own segements in split reports. The Mychron gives you a delta time split on the gauge.

Video on how to do it in Race Studio.