MyChron 5 backlight issue

The backlight on my mycron 5 doesn’t work and for the life of me nothing I do seems to evoke it. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue.


Hey @Warhoss, that’s an interesting issue.

Double check that your backlight timing / setting isn’t set to “auto,” meaning it won’t turn on until it detects that it is night time.

If this is set correctly and it still isn’t working, you likely have something askew on the PCB board. I’d contact MyChron.

I had an issue with my 1st Gen 5 turning off randomly despite full battery, they found the issue at MyChron and sent me a full replacement. They’re pretty good to customers!

Last year, ours would randomly change colors while in use. I sent it in the AIM and they repaired it for me under warranty. It was a pretty quick turnraround as well.

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Did you have any contacts for them or just there online forum to fill out ?

Literally just call em during business hours. They pick up.

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Emailed , guy said send it in its under warranty.
Boom done…


AIM Sports is pretty legit about that. Even when it’s user error, they’re really nice.