Mychron 5 Countdown Timer

Does anyone know how to set a timer on the Mychron 5 for road racing? The 4 had the option but I can’t find it on the 5?

I just kept my wrist watch exposed and turned my wrist to track the time left in the race.

Hmmm I remember the feature on the older models, but I cannot find it in the MyChron 5 manual anywhere. Was it sunsetted?

@Tony_Z, know you haven’t road raced in a while… but do you know if this setting exists on the 5?

This feature appears to have been left behind with the M4. Have searched the manual, gone thru the setup ups on my M5 and tried to find maybe a hidden menu with no success. Suggest that if enough of us leave comments on the AiM web site, they might consider bringing it back.

Way back when, we used to adhere a stop watch or a kitchen time that would count down to zero to the steering wheel. That goes back to when we used Digitron gauges. Having AiM bring back this feature would be a lot cleaner.
Have left AiM a comment for their tech support people. Lets see what they’ll have to say.

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I did the same thing with Roger Caddel. He’s really helpful at coming back with information too.

Thanks for the replies! One of my friends at the track has also contacted Mychron, hopefully they’ll add this in an update soon! Seems crazy that I need to attach a stopwatch to my steering wheel for road racing since I have the most up to date data logger on the market?

Response today from AiM. Their engineers are still discussing the issue. Will update when there is further word from AiM.

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Thanks for reaching out to them Tony.

The official word from Aim is…………
“That feature (the countdown time) can’t be added at this time. We have run out of room for options in the MyChron5.”

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That’s extremely disappointing! As I stated before, I can’t believe I have the most up to date data logger on the market and have to tape a stopwatch to my steering wheel to know how much time I have left in a race. This doesn’t even make sense to me especially since the earlier versions had the timer. Wonder if the new Alfano has a timer?

I find that a little surprising, because I remember how I was told in trainings how much memory the new Mychron5 had over the MYC4, so they could add more features.

But if it’s straight from the source, that’s disappointing. :frowning:

Personally, I don’t use the amount of time left, as I do count the number of laps in a typical race. I know my laptime, and I know how long a heat session is scheduled for. So I can just do division and figure out how many laps I’ll likely run.

I read it as code for “we’ve run out of (development resource) room”

I read it as - crap, we lost that source code. How did we do that last time? STALL :wink:

I was surprised by the AiM response. The M5 has enough memory to store just every track in the world. I understand that made life easier for many karters, but how many tracks do you need to have stored in it? Most of us won’t leave the continent we’re on and will see a only a few on it.