Mychron 5 Countdown Timer

(Rick Brown ) #1

Does anyone know how to set a timer on the Mychron 5 for road racing? The 4 had the option but I can’t find it on the 5?

(Rob Bone) #2

I just kept my wrist watch exposed and turned my wrist to track the time left in the race.

(James McMahon) #3

Hmmm I remember the feature on the older models, but I cannot find it in the MyChron 5 manual anywhere. Was it sunsetted?

@Tony_Z, know you haven’t road raced in a while… but do you know if this setting exists on the 5?

(Tony Zambos) #4

This feature appears to have been left behind with the M4. Have searched the manual, gone thru the setup ups on my M5 and tried to find maybe a hidden menu with no success. Suggest that if enough of us leave comments on the AiM web site, they might consider bringing it back.

(Tony Zambos) #5

Way back when, we used to adhere a stop watch or a kitchen time that would count down to zero to the steering wheel. That goes back to when we used Digitron gauges. Having AiM bring back this feature would be a lot cleaner.
Have left AiM a comment for their tech support people. Lets see what they’ll have to say.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #6

I did the same thing with Roger Caddel. He’s really helpful at coming back with information too.

(Rick Brown ) #7

Thanks for the replies! One of my friends at the track has also contacted Mychron, hopefully they’ll add this in an update soon! Seems crazy that I need to attach a stopwatch to my steering wheel for road racing since I have the most up to date data logger on the market?

(Tony Zambos) #8

Response today from AiM. Their engineers are still discussing the issue. Will update when there is further word from AiM.

(James McMahon) #9

Thanks for reaching out to them Tony.

(Tony Zambos) #10

The official word from Aim is…………
“That feature (the countdown time) can’t be added at this time. We have run out of room for options in the MyChron5.”

(Rick Brown ) #11

That’s extremely disappointing! As I stated before, I can’t believe I have the most up to date data logger on the market and have to tape a stopwatch to my steering wheel to know how much time I have left in a race. This doesn’t even make sense to me especially since the earlier versions had the timer. Wonder if the new Alfano has a timer?