Mychron 5 dash layout

(Joseph Costanza) #1

Got a good deal on a new in box Mychron 5 1T ($450 no tax free shipping) even though here in Rochester NY spring is still a few months away (and a ridiculous thought almost with the current -20F windchills.) I got some data from a friend and have been practicing reading it, seem to have a decent handle on speed trace and delta; can’t wait to get some of my own!

Anyways, I’ve playing around with the dashes and custom dashes and I am wondering what layouts others have found most helpful while on track? I am running an animal, so I will probably only use rpm and gps data — no temp unless someone convinces me otherwise.

Do you find digital numerical RPM more helpful than the bar RPM or speed readout?
Predictive, split, or other type of lap time?
Do you use the LED light bars for anything (would it make sense to have them setup for rpm, maybe from clutch engagement through usable rev range, as a peripheral reference instead of looking at the specific numbers)?

(Aaron Hachmeister) #2

Temperature readings are very good for tuning the fuel mixture to make sure the engine is running properly. I would recommend having one for not only that but also knowing on track if your motor is running too lean/ about to put a hole in your piston. Not sure specifically about an Animal whether that’s a concern or not but in 2-stroke engines that’s something I keep an eye on.

I don’t actually look at RPM readouts during a race but set a tattle light so that I know if I’m over revving the engine. I don’t believe Animal’s have a rev limiter so that would be my personal recommendation. Having a speed readout would not bring any benefit, you need to be able to gauge the corner speed off of instincts and feel rather than a specific number.

I prefer having split laptimes on display but it can be distracting during a race if you focus too much on how much faster or slower you are going compared to your fastest lap.

I use the LED bar as a delta time gauge, it will add green lights as you go faster than your fastest lap and red lights as you go slower. I never worry about engine revs unless it is dangerously high. Like I said, I just have one of the tattle lights on the side turn on once the engine gets above a set RPM, and the other turns on when the EGT reading is too high.

(Dom Callan) #3

I use the shifter lights for water temp. Red=stop.

(Liam Sergeant) #4

Hey Aaron

How do you set up the led lights as the delta thing?


(Aaron Hachmeister) #5

That should be the preset setting for them. I don’t have my MyChron with me but if you scroll through the menu there should be a settings area and you can set the LED’s