Mychron 5 data hub

was wondering if I can use this to add extra sensors to my kart ?

I read the info but not really sure exactly how it work , I kow people use the expansion box but I just want to add a EGT sensor to my mychron 5 but unfortuanly I only have the 5 with 1 sensor hook up so was wondering if this is useable

It seems that your assumption is correct. But call AiM support to be sure. Think that now there are two AiM EGT sensors and you’ll need to know the proper patch cable.

thanks will do in the morning

Sadly, no. This will not connect an extra temp sensor to your Mychron. It is intended for digital transfer only. For a Thermocouple or Thermistor like an EGT you will need an analog connection found in the Expansion Box. My GPS module came with a two socket hub and it does not accept the connection for an EGT. Looking at the four hub, it will not accept the EGT either. Different Pin Fit.

dang it , well looks like I’m getting an expansion box

I went through this earlier this year. Yes you need the expansion and one of the yellow temp cables for the EGT probe. Engine temp will hook into the expansion using the special 4 pin cable that comes with the expansion (it has a different resistance from the standard extension cables AIM sells), and the EGT will hook directly to the temp input of the Mychron.

I purchased a used expansion without the cable first, using a standard extension the temp sensor reads about 1000 degrees off.

okay thanks Tyler will keep my eyes out for a used one

just make sure it comes with that cable, i haven’t been able to find it separately

okay will do , feel like there hard to find used