Mychron 5 logging option

Lets say I am just starting the engine in the pits and I don’t want it recording that particular event.

Is there an option for the M5 not to record a session below X number of laps?

In the software I use to edit there is the option to “ignore first x laps” for the data. So it doesn’t display the telemetry until we cross start/fin.

I would be surprised if there was, I just let RS3 skip the “non-lap” recorded sessions when downloading.

Seems to me that having the mychron turn on and record, when the engine is running, requires nothing additional to go right, while an option to control when recording occurs AND an override should one forget and then hit the track requires two elements to ensure the mychron functions as expected, and I can’t see why they would do that on the mychron, though I think AIM do offer this on other loggers programmable in RS3.