Mychron 5 Shifter Kart question

so Ive just bought a shifter kart Rok125cc.

I currently own a Mychrone 5 but was wondering if I should upgrade to the 2T?

Just curious what sensors shifters usually monitor and if I have to get the 2T if I need to monitor EGT as well as coolant temp to know if I’m overheating or the engine isn’t up too temp.


I’d say it depends on how serious you are, as well as how comfortable you are with jetting. Once you have a baseline, the Rok is easy enough to jet that you don’t necessarily need to run an EGT sensor. If you’re looking for maximum performance then it could be beneficial.

You’ll definitely want to run a water temp sensor at all times.

If you think you might want the added functionality of the expansion module, it’d be more cost effective to get it with the 1T version & plug in an EGT sensor.

I’m not familiar with the ROK, but if it’s got an RPM limiter like the TM ES shifter engines, then unless you want to tune for absolute performance, you’ll be fine with conservative jetting.