Mychron (5) Software on Mac

Have any of you run the software for Mychrons on a Mac yet? Laptop or iPad.

I know it is a windows based software and AIM doesn’t seem to want to do an alternate version. I believe there is software for Mac (UNEX?) that is supposed to allow Mac to run Windows programs. Has anyone had any success with a translation software? What did you use?


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Like you say, you need to have Windows either installed as a Dual Boot (Bootcamp) or you’ll need virtualization software that allows you to run windows in a software based computer of sorts.

Virtualization options are VMware, Oracle Virtualbox, Microsoft Virtual PC (Might be sunsetted). The trickiest part when you’re running a virtual machine is getting the networking setup in such a way that it works. Once it’s setup, you’re goo though.

I haven’t heard of UNEX before, I wonder if it’s similar to WINE on Linux. If so, you could try it… if it doesn’t work out of the box, getting it to work probably won’t be trivial.

Another option is to buy a cheap Windows laptop and be done with it. The you don’t have to rough up your Mac at the track…

As James said, you need to either run BootCamp or Parallels (if that is still a thing) or VMware to run Windows on a Mac. Personally I find it tedious and annoying to have to switch to a different partition to run RaceStudio or other Windows software, so I don’t mess with it.

I recently picked up a little Windows based tablet to run RaceStudio but it just really isn’t powerful enough and using the stylus is a little difficult.

My personal preference is just to get a halfway decent laptop and just use it as a dedicated RaceStudio machine. You can find stuff that will run RS pretty cheaply.

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Does anyone have any update about a proper RS Mac version release?

Its much easier to just pick up a cheap Windows computer for kart data and transponder. RS requires very little RAM and storage. Last I checked, Micron had no interest in an iOS version.

I don’t think OSX race studio was ever on the cards. iOS is a maybe, especially Apple’s laptop/desktop platforms look to leverage more of that.

Exactly what I did, less than $200 will get you a bottom end notebook that’ll run it perfectly and you’re not gonna get too bent out of shape getting it mucky at the track.

I’m just dual booting with boot camp. Doesn’t take too long to boot in to a windows and if you install the iCloud app too then it’s fairly easy to transfer data between your windows and Mac operating systems.