MyChron 5 vs 5s

I might need to replace my Mychron 4 and I am seeing there are Mychron 5 and Mychron 5s. What is the difference between the two? Is anyone aware of deals on these units?

AIM mandates retail prices so no deals. Some retailers like Acceleration karting will give you a gift card with that purchase, that’s I think the best deal you can get

AiM MyChron5SS/MyChron5SS 2T).

The differences, articulated.

TLDR: The GPS frequency has improved from 10 to 25 Hz and the precision accuracy has improved from about 5 feet to 2 (1.5 m to 45 cm in approximately).

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Thats interesting. They state 4 big differences but only list 3. Anyhow, does anyone know if they still produce the basic 5 or is this a mute point and they only make the 5s?

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Looks like differences are 4, they haven’t numbered the increased GPS frequency from 10 to 25Hz.

Another change I think I’ve noticed - but I don’t have a Mychron 5 around to verify on latest firmware anymore, just have the 5S - is that there is no longer a lap time configuration option for “blind time”, so as far as I can tell there is no good way to have the Mychron filter out shortcut laps forming the field up for a start.

If someone has an answer for that, I will gladly buy you a beer or 10.

I’d have to look closer, but I am pretty sure mine filters it out because it does not match the track layout

When I import my session data, the super short laps are usually unchecked. Easy to additionally uncheck long lap time outliers that you don’t want included.

Yeah, that solves issue if importing data to use on the PC.

It is pretty annoying on the SmartyCam though, as it is encoded in the video in real-time. In an email exchange w/ AIM support, they suggested creating a new/custom track with the finish line in a different location to avoid the issue, but I’m not sure I like that very much, either.