Mychron 5s 2t not showing water temp on display

I have a Mychron 5s 2t that i got today and when i plugged in the water temp cable and the exhaust temp, i calibrated them manually in the settings but only the exhaust temp showed upp on screen, i also did so both temp should display on the screen but still no water, The temp cable is working beacuse i set the alarm led so when its lower thean 45 its gonna blink blue and it does. What can i do to make it show?

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With the gauge on, try pressing and releasing the ON/VIEW button to change displays.

Nothing happened i only have the Custom 1 display enabled all the oter ones are tuned off. Is there something else i can do

You could go back to the factory settings or contact AiM. If you email them today, someone might get back to you by the end of day or call them in the morning.