Mychron 5s query


I’m having trouble with one of my sons Mycron 5s. Was working fine however last practice round played up by placing total run into one session and not individual laps.

I found one forum where this was mentioned as the problem:

If it was the GPS or strip pickup, you would get one session with a very long lap time.

Does anyone know how to fix this or what I should be looking for

Thanks in advance

Make sure your minimum lap time is set appropriately so it is picking up each lap. If the minimum lap time is set too high, it won’t trip the lap and will record as one whole session.

If it only happened one session I wouldn’t worry too much. It can do that also if it doesn’t have sufficient satellite coverage, remember it’s triggering purely by GPS position not by magnetic strip. If it’s a bit out of whack positioning wise, like it thinks you’re crossing the line to one side of the gps recorded timing line, it won’t trigger that you crossed it, position inaccuracy due to too few satellites can do this.

Thanks for your reply
It was working fine until last visit to the track
I’ll look up how to set minimum lap time

Thanks - that’s what I’m hoping they it will reset
Thanks for your reply