MyChron\Alfano - Sensor and IR Receiver Compatibility?

Mychron 5 shortage has given me an extra reason to try the Alfano 6.

Wondering what (if any) sensors might be interchangeable between them. I’d rather not buy another IR receiver if I don’t have to for example. The connections seem similar (Binder 712?)

You can certainly plug any old 5V sensor into the Mychron expansion boxes.

I can only find the manual on how to do it on the Product 41 website:

section 3.3

But with that you have to go into Racestudio and tell it what to do with the reading. Alfano doesn’t have that software capability. So unless the sensors are exactly the same, i.e. 1V = 100C or something like that. It might not work. But worth a try.

Edit: Found it on the AIM site.

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