MyChron Load Images - Show and Share

My ADHD got the better of my and I made a couple of images for my MyChron 5 today, figured we could start a topic to share our favorites. I’ve included a downloadable bmp ready to go if you would like to grab these ones. You’ll need to tweak the Threshold value to the left to make the “S” in the logo a bit sharper.

MyChronKeepKartingFun.bmp (100.6 KB)

MyChronDontSuck_KeepKartingFun.bmp (100.6 KB)

MyChron_Poop.bmp (100.6 KB)


My youngest son loves the grinch so I added this and didn’t tell him. Every time it would pop up he would try to get my attention to show me and by the time I went over to look it was gone. It was a lot of fun messing with him.