Mychron mounting position on "T" style steering wheel

My kid’s kart is an upside-down T shape, which prevents a normal mychron mount on the “top” of the wheel. It looks like the previous owner mounted it on the bottom (based on the bracket), but that seems less ideal from a “keep your eye on the road” perspective.

I thought maybe somebody installed the steering wheel upside down, but it looks “standard” for FA kid karts: link.

So, my question is, what’s the best way to mount a mychron:

  1. Mount it on the bottom
  2. Mount it in the “gap” in top middle of the steering wheel
  3. Flip the steering wheel upside down
  4. Swap out the steering wheel

If there is enough clearance for the bump out on the back from the Mychron Battery, I would mount it in the split of the upper support. You could put an oversized fender washer on the back and maybe a thin piece of foam to protect the paint.

It looks like there was one there before, based on the witness mark from a rubber washer.

On the off chance this helps someone, Aim makes wheels that are designed for the mychrons:

Agree, does the MyChron not just fit in that gap on top of the wheel?

Back in the olden days they were all mounted in that vertical spoke. Until OTK in their infinite wisdom decided that it’d be awesome if they could also sell a bracket, then everyone else followed them.

Here’s some piccies of an old alfano mounted to this style steering wheel. It just bolts directly through with the two rubber washers either side.

BUT…if you’re feeling fancy and nostalgic, Schumacher ran the tonykart steering wheel upside down.

(this pics a replica, its quite hard to see on the real thing)

Sorry to revive an old thread. I’m trying to do the same thing - mount a 5s. Even with spacers I run out of threads before I can get it high enough to clear the battery pack. I don’t see a clear resolution to the problem.

Are my only options at this point getting a bracket and mounting it on the bottom or getting an AIM wheel?

I know this isn’t a cheap sport, but I’d prefer to not blow $230 on a wheel.


FYI, I was able to mount it as suggested in the picture just above. The battery pack (barely) fits within the confines of the wheel – I think I only used 1 spacer.

Mount behind the wheel on an offset bracket? I did this on my sons Rookie chassis and im sure glad I did. The 5s was only 2 weeks old and he flipped the kart. Destroyed tge wheel and lots of other stuff but the Mycron was perfect.

I mounted behind the wheel on my own kart. On the one pictured in the original post, I mounted it on top of the wheel, much like the red wheel just above. The mychron 5s battery just barely fits in the gap.