Mychron4 2t lap times

I have a mychron 4 2t. I have no idea how to record and get my lap times. I am using an infrared beacon reciver to obtain my lap times.
I set up a new track in the mychron but idk what else I have to do. I’m guessing I have to download the track online and transfer it so it knows the track but I have no idea how to connect it to my PC. I’m just generally lost since there is no helpful information I can find online.

I think there is a cable that is used to connect the 4 to the Pc. It’s not wireless like the 5.

Sorry if this is too basic, but are you asking how to see them on the mychron screen? If so, this button is the one you hit:


Then, you use the left buttons to scroll through. If they arent there, are you sure the beacon on the track is working? Is it turned on too? Is your receiver facing it? Again, sorry for the basic questions, but want to rule out the easy stuff first.

You can download a user manual for the Mychron 4 here, too:

No, I’m asking how do I record lap times. What do I need to if I’m going to a new track. What do I do so it records my lap times? I don’t know how to add new tracks. I can’t find any info online about this

I always thought you just set the beacon up and the MyChron 4 just ticks over a lap whenever you cross the beacon signal, so you don’t need to set anything up?


I found soemthing called a data key to plug into it but idk how to use it and download tracks to it. I found no info on it.

You are in the right track. The data key is how you connect to pc I think.

I don’t think the data logger does that honestly think it’s only for updating firmware and taking data from it

Maybe I went to the track and that’s not what happened so maybe I did something wrong idk. Do I have to set up a beacon signal or is there already one.

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Thread from Bob’s same issue:

As long as the beacon is on the track and the infra-red sensor is pointed in the right direction you will get lap times. No track map is needed. As a word of caution, the MyChron 4 isn’t popular anymore, so make sure that the track puts out the beacon and it is working/on and you know which side of the track its on. I still use the MC4 because lap time overlays are more accurate than the GPS base MC5.

I’m not sure that a track map will do you any good without the Expansion box and a speed sensor. What I use is a 4T with the Expansion Box, which has accelerometers in it. You should be able to pick up a used Expansion Box and Speed Sensor for $100 or so. With this set up you can build you own track maps and do split time analysis in Race Studio.

If you want to download maps into your MC4 from the PC, I believe this can be done with the USB dongle.

If it’s not a race weekend, there might not be a beacon. Ask organizer.


Right, you don’t need to download track maps or use a data key if you aren’t doing GPS traces and data analysis.

To get lap times, you just need to have a beacon set up on the side of the track and the MyChron sensor pointing at it.

Make sure your sensor on the kart isn’t blocked by anything, that it’s pointing the correct direction, and that the beacon is on and has good battery life.

Go into the MyChron menu and make sure your minimum lap time isn’t set too low. If it is, it won’t record any laps under whatever time it’s set at. This feature is so the MyChron doesn’t pick up pace laps or in-laps.

I thought I need to download the track to re of the lap times since there was no info that’s what I thought I needed this helps a lot they probably just didn’t put the beacon out

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Yeah you don’t need a track map for times, but you do need a beam transmitter and receiver that can see each other. Check with the track on whether they have one (most do) and also which side of the track it is on so you know which side to point your receiver on your kart

The transmitter looks like this, usually on a tripod.



or a cone, or pastic barrier, or bucket, or hay bale.

A tripod?!?! You must race at fancy tracks :slight_smile: