MyChron5S best usable display setup

I race LO206, and find myself looking at my MyChron5S in the race and thinking, “what is this telling me, am I going slower or faster?”

Anyone have the perfect display setup for racing 206, one that you think gives you the best info that’s usable during the race? I’ve screwed around with the settings, and tried to find some actual examples, but I’ve yet to find a display setup where I look at the damn thing and think, “yeah, that’s what I need to know.”

Depends on the situation, but for practice days I like having my live split times display for immediately knowing if I’m nailing or botching each sector. That can be kind of distracting in a race though.

Otherwise, I like having my lap time display at the line each time, my EGT with specific warning lights set up for a few different temps so I can have a flashing or constant light to warn me when the engine is running a bit hot, and then I can make a carb adjustment on the fly. And of course RPM or speed. I sometimes switch back and forth during sessions if I’m curious whether a gearing change made a difference in top speed.

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Just watch for green lights.

Green good, red bad. That’s all I use on track in 206. You can tell pretty quick where you mess up and get better that way.

i fried an engine not noticing the warning lights. Without reading glasses the mychron is a blur. Personally I’d love a loud buzzer alert on the mychron.

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I bet we could rig up a shocker to the warning lights. :grin:


Bass shakers would work too.

Green lights faster, red lights slower. Actual laptimes. Tachometer set to 7kRPM max so you can watch whether your clutch stall speed is correct. No alert LEDs set.

For shifter I have one shift light go on 300 RPM below the powerband, three lights go on right around my desired upshift RPM, and one at the “don’t exceed” speed. That’s on a 175 where a 11k6 RPM upshift speed for best engine life is before the torque peak, so neither sound nor feel is correct!