Mycron5 Dash Setup

So after looking through the instruction manual I still find it quite vague about how you can set the LEDs to show you certain things ie I have been told it can show you by colour if your time is under or over for that sector or lap. Can someone point me in the right direction to find all this info out. Thx.


If you are a new driver, I’d urge you to really carefully consider if you want the predictive laptime indicator to turn on. Many drivers ruefully admit that they have seen the green lights flash, get excited, and then blow a really good lap.

If you still want to set it up, you can go into the display settings, and change the display from ‘static’ to ‘+/- best’. This is the predictive lap time indicator setting.

Hopefull this helps!

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Personally, I think it’s better to keep your eyes on the road, rather than on the gauge.

Normally, if I do have a predictive lap set, I put it on a section of the track like a long straight away, or somewhere that I don’t have to turn the kart for a moment, so that I have to acknowledge that I’m +/-, and then get setup for the next section of the track.

To answer your original question, if you hit menu, and then click on the wrench icon, you can select LED setup and tell the mychron you want the LED’s to display +/- best. Each light represents 1/10th of a second (i.e., 3 red lights means you’re 3/10ths down, and 4 green means 4/10ths up, etc).

You can also go into display setup (from the main menu), and create a custom display where the bottom right option can either be predictive, static, rolling, or +/- best (if you’d rather see an actual number, rather than lights).

I must say, Eric has coached me several times at the track and he pretty consistently tells me it’s a bad idea to have those lights on. It has, indeed, got me too stoked and caused me to blow a good lap, so in general I’d say he’s correct and that you’ll likely be better off without them. But if you find them helpful when toying around with lines / exits onto long straights, etc, and don’t mind blowing laps every now and then because of it, it can play a part in learning a track. I’ve been a bit stubborn and kept them on most of the time. I think I find it helpful because I spent a lot of my time in iRacing learning the tracks and lines by keeping the split time indicator up at all times. It helped me know where I was slow and where I was fast while I was out on the track, so I could make adjustments lap-by-lap (helpful for tricky sections). Tough to break old habits! I would probably avoid running the lights or a +/- dashboard during a race, though…


Thanks for the replies its actually for my son my thinking is I wanted to overlap video and the gopro is mounted off the side of the seat showing his hands and feet. I thought that if I overlayed certain sectors and the LED’s could indicate if it was slower or faster in that sector, visually he may understand the reason when reviewing the recording.


That’s an excellent idea, but again you run the risk of him then fixating on the lights.

Keep in mind that AIM’s data analysis software, Race Studio, is a great tool. You can also see which laps were his fastest with the data downloaded, figure out what time within the session that lap started, and then pair that with your video. I do like your idea of integrating both with the lights on the camera, however! That is clever.

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