Nascar and LeMans: McGriff

I came across this video about NASCAR showing up at LeMans in the 70’s. An interesting watch in its own right.

What grabbed me was this guy…

He’s one of the two Nascar fellas to hop the pond. What’s neat about him is that his nascar career began in the 50s and he recorded the oldest start in NASCAR at 90 years of age! What a legend.

This has zero karting relevance, sorry.

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Moved to #Other-motorsports :wink:

Hershel McGriff sold his Tony Kart / Leopard on EKartingNews two years ago. I don’t know if he bought a new kart.

I’d pay good money to watch a 94 year old race a Tony kart well. Any kart.

Also, thank you for finding some karting relevance.

Leading Edge Motorsports - might be worth trying to sign up a new driver - sell him a Formula K Dark with an LO206.

Thanks for that. It’s great how sport keeps us young, no matter our age.