„Nascar“ Kart

Hey guys,

I‘m new here so I thought I might introduce myself here.
My actual name is Paul, 27 years old and just starting with karting.
I did a lot of circuit racing in the last years and just wanted to give karting a try because I really loved rental karting as a child.

Because I’m a NASCAR fan and wanted a design different than everybody else I decided to give my kart a Nascar inspired look.

It’s a Birel from somewhere around 2003, got it cheap. Engine is a Rotax Max.

Hope you guys like it.
Btw, I’m pretty active on instagram so if you would like to see more, my insta is: BuckonTrack

Some more pics
Seems like you can only post 5 at a time

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Looks very sharp. Pilot looks like he means business. Will not attempt a pass. @Stamatis125 has a similar spirit livery going on with Mello Yello, coincidentally.


Yeah he does :joy:

I’d love to see the Mello Yello, can’t find it I don’t know my way around this forum yet…

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That’s awesome!
Never thought about that one

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I love the mountain dew graphic, is this commercially available or is this a custom graphic? Might have to snag it for my kart

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Its a custom set i have made in jakes design stickers in the uk . And they still had it available if you ask them . It is based in cole trickles first nascar car in the movie days of thunder .

Yep . I love nascar .

Now its on my kosmic kart . But it all started like this .

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It‘s a custom design just for me.

But I wouldn’t care if someone else has it too.
His insta is: pkthirtytwo

Let me know if you actually do it :slight_smile:

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Thanks man! My karts bare right now I took the old graphics off and I’m just messing around with ideas. Jeans bumper, painting the bumpers myself, custom graphics, etc.