Neck brace for kids

So im trying to find an alternative for a neck brace other than alpinestars youth. Its really damn hard to find a ready stock alpinestars neck brace.

Somehow i found this called EVS brand, what i believe its for motocross. Will it work in gokart for a 14yo kids who just started karting?

This evs r4

Its really hard to find this alpinestars neck brace.

My kid has worn an EVS since she started at 8 (she’s 12 now). Never heard any complaints from her about it, and she had a big flip in her first season where she was thrown from the kart, her helmet was scratched up (and discarded just to be safe), and in that case the collar didn’t cause any injuries (I don’t think anyone can say that any collar definitively prevents injuries).

Yeah. A lot of us use those. It’s lighter and less goofy than the foam donut.

It’s unclear wether neck braces do anything useful but since they are mandated, we tend to use the lightest ones.

Glad to hear that your kid is okay.

Yeah i read somewhere that for kids it is mandated to use a neck brace but i couldnt find a single file in fia-cik website for a neck brace. Bcs here all of em use the alpinestars youth. I mean if it serve the same purpose and its cheaper why go the the higher price. As long as its not a foam one.

I did buy my son a 360 because it looks safer. So does the leatt.

From what I understand it isn’t mandated by FIA-CIK and generally isn’t very common outside of the US?

And +1 for the 360 Device - that is what I bought my little dude.

My boy has been using the EVS R4 for a couple seasons now. He Definitely prefers it to the foam style he had before.

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No evidence they work is why.

That’s a pretty reasonable reason!

I’m generally not an advocate for neck braces but I wouldn’t go so far as to say there’s no evidence.

I do agree it’s contentious/debatable and obviously depends highly on the product in question. A foam oring is probably less effective than a leatt brace for example.

I’m researching neck braces now and the 360 seems to offer the most protcetion, it is for my 9 year old son. Does your son like his 360?

I think he liked it fine. It was a bit complicated with straps but it was a good product. It seems well thought out.

Whats a 360? Do u have a pict?

Valhalla 360 device

Going off kilter a bit……your boy is wearing the suit my daughter wants :grin:. Is he happy with it - what’s the material like is it thick or on the lighter side?

We’ve had a few different suits over the years, and he consistently goes back to his Alpinestars suits being his favorite. He says they are more comfortable than the Sparco/CRG suit he had, and we have found the Alpinestars suits seem to fit his frame better than most suits which always seem to look excessively baggy.

The material isnt quite as thick as the CRG/Sparco suit he had, but its plenty durable and the only damage we’ve seen on any of his Alpinestars suits has been if he touched the exhaust with his elbow.

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