Neck brace

Would anyone know if the Arai style helmets (SK6) would give more head movement than Bell style (k1 Pro) when using a neck brace?
I want to use an EVS R2 brace but by the looks of the K1 Pro there will be much less movement vs Arai’s

The Arai tends to sit a little higher on the head and gives more room around the neck area to move around compared to Bell stuff, but everyone’s head is a little different.

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Perfect, thank you @tjkoyen

Yeah, different helmets certainly give more room for a neck brace than others. I run a zamp rz-44 that has a lower chin like the Bell k1, but i have a fairly long neck. My brother on the other hand has trouble with that helmet with a neck brace due to having a short neck. When neck braces are required he runs a zamp without the lower chin.

Yes that’s the issue I have. I like to run with the brace but running the K1 it feels like I can barely move my head.

I had the same issue with my Zamp. I have a short neck and had a hell of time getting that part of kit right! Can’t remember which model I had but it did have the duckbill there. I switched to a motorcycle helmet for this year since it sits higher and went with the EVS R4 neck brace and it did give me more mobility. My next option was to use the foam K1 brace and trim it so it wasn’t as tall. But i really didn’t want to go that route–you know Safety! Good luck Andy