Need a breaker specifically for 428 O-ring

I’ve got 2 chain breakers that aren’t up to the job. The hand held clamp style works partially, but the rivet pin is too short to fully press out the link pin, & the chain won’t even fit in the “block” style one I have.


I thought it defeated the purpose to break an o-ring chain? Does it seal back up correctly after being broken?

The chain still has open ends, & the master link has seal inserts. Going to give this one a try:


18 mm pin should get the job done.

My motorcycle I used to ride had O-Ring chains, and you could break them and put them back together with a master link. You needed to break them to get them through the swing arm. You just needed to make sure you put the O-rings back on the pin correctly, and usually added lube to them as you put them back together. So, you can cut them without defeating the purpose, it just takes more “care” when putting it back together.

With the too short breaker, tap out the pin with a flat punch. Can get that a most hardware stores.