Need Help Getting Decals Made

I am looking to get some decals made that I can use on my kart and share with friends. I use this logo on the helmets that I paint too. I came up with the idea of using my dads racing number of 27 and his name was Ken so I took the K and the 27 to make the logo. I have no clue how to go about getting decals made. The masks that I use on my helmets I made on cricut but I don’t know if that file can be used to make the decals :man_shrugging: These pics show the decal and it would just be black and white like in the second pic. Any help appreciated.

Is the file already digital? If not, you could take the art to someone who could scan the drawing and turn it into a vector graphics file. That could then be used to make stickers. I think if one were to Google it, it’s probably something you can do online.

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Any local sign shop should be able to handle this pretty easily for you. Otherwise there are online outlets that do it as well like StickerMule. Just upload your file and they send a proof and print with your approval.

I assume you have the vector file (.eps or .ai) if you are cutting them on your plotter, so that’s all a decal shop needs.

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Plus 1 on StickerMule. Quick and affordable.

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If you get stuck or need help converting a file let me know. I’ve had good luck with stickermule and stickerapp. Local print shops normally aren’t setup for making QTY 20-50 efficiently/costly.

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If the K 27 is a typeface, you could just make the file in a graphics program again. It’s an oval with a stroke outline, graphically. This is really easy to do if you have the font name.

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So I created this in the Cricut design space program and the font is itc zipper. I just don’t know how to export it from cricut. I am not an expert with computer stuff so I have no idea if that is even possible.

I don’t think you can export out of Cricut’s software to a usable file.

It’s easy enough, I will trace it and convert it to a file you can send to a decal printer tomorrow for you. :+1:t3:

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Ok, thanks so much that would be great!

Thanks to TJ my decals are now being made at sticker mule :clap:


Stickers arrived from sticker mule, awesome. Thanks again TJ.