Need help identifying this Vortex 100cc

Hi guys!

I need your help to identify a new engine I’m going to buy for my classic PCR.

I know it is a Vortex, and it sure does look like a VL95

But I’m not sure if the head fins match up compared to pictures I find on google. They have some cuts in them?

This is the one I compare from google

Silly question, but does it say vortex on it?
Reason I ask is that it looks a lot like a Rotax VM-C, especially given it has an older motoplat coil on it. Those can be swapped of course, but the 95 vortex models came with the PVL ignition.

I don’t think the fins at the bottom match up with the rotax one.

It says Vortex at the left upper corner on the bottom. I’ll take more pictures on Sunday when I get it :grin:

It’s a 95 then :laughing:
That’s when Vortex debuted and the next series in 98 had the red cowls.


Wow nice! Got it fully rebuilt from a reputable tuner for 380$, quite a steal!

I hope it is faster than my current Minarelli ME109😁

He also had a 98, but my friend took that one

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Where are you guys finding these older 100dd? And what are you spending? Might be fun to get one.

There are some in Sweden, you really have to know people who know others that have them.

380$ for this Vortex engine, 500$ for the complete pcr/Minarelli we currently own right now!

You can also find them in Denmark🙌🏻

Paging @Mynameismcgyver, I think he holds about 67.77% of the 100cc reed/rotary engines in the US :smiley:

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I suppose the hard part is getting the replacement bits?

Not really, there’s a lot of interchangeability. Essentially they all run the same bearings, pistons and rods. Rotary discs can get a bit tricky with the rotaries, but otherwise parts are not to hard to come by. Worst case scenario you’ll have someone in Europe bag something up and send it overseas for you.

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As @KartingIsLife say, parts are very interchangeable! And we have lots of people here who has basically a whole stock with parts :raised_hands:t2:

Thanks! Food for thought.

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Once you try it you are instantly hooked and wants to buy everything :joy:

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Looks like someone may have ground the sections out for an o ring to reduce vibrations like the mrc atk98 had.


Oh that makes sense! Thank you for clarification :ok_hand:t2:

Then it is a Vortex VL95

More pics of the engine! It says VL95 on it, has some great and smooth porting to it. Paired with a Baroni BF24 carb🙌🏻


Look on ebay, Facebook market place. I very often get notifications on Facebook for something basically selling everything their ex-husband or recently passed father or some other relative left in the garage and they often have pre2000 chassis and engines in the mix.

I might be lucky and there was a big following in those classes where the live now but Id guess it’s true of any largish metro area

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No thinking needed, just get one. Now. You’ll thank us later :pray: