Need Help: Is this a decent used kart? (1st timer)

So I’m looking to buy my 7 year old his first kart. We are new to karting. He has a 5 year old brother who is coming up right behind him. I’m looking for a decent used kart to let them beat around while they are learning.

I’ve found this for sale. The guy said he bought it 2nd hand last year and his son was afraid to drive it. So it’s sat unused since he bought it. He initially had it listed for $2000 and cut it to $1800. With me just asked how flexible price was, he dropped it to $1500.

I have no clue what I’m looking at or how to tell if this thing is in brutal shape or is serviceable. I know the engine and cart stand are worth a decent amount, I just woundn’t want to have to dump another 1k in it to get it going. But maybe it’s a great deal…I’ll let ya tell me! Thanks!

I’m no expert but if it runs this seems like a good deal, considering the engines are kind of hard to find and you will pay almost 1500 for a new one anyway. It’s also a TonyKart so you shouldn’t have trouble finding parts. Everyone always says go to your local track and see how popular the classes are and what brands have local support, which is really good advice.

Thanks Yousef. The local track owner is who found this listing for me. So good to go in that department.

As is often the case with used karts what you can’t see matters more than what you can see. The motor looks good but if it hasn’t been cared for (oil changed every outing, fuel drained when stored) or has a lot of time on it may not be worth much or will need a refresh. Similar with the chassis, what does the bottom look like and is the frame straight? If it has a lot of kerb rash or has been in a heavy hit the value goes down. The kart stand is decent and would be $300 new.

With that said if some of this can be checked out it is likely worth $1000 - $1500, if the motor is on the newer side or cared for maybe even more.

Kid karts are fickle as they have a limited use life as kids get older and bigger.

That’s a pretty good price for that set up. As long as it’s straight and engine is in good shape. Ask for some pics of the bottom of the frame. You want to make sure it’s not flat spotted really bad.

Realistically, for that price you could run it a year or two and probably sell it for same price.

You will still want to pick up a Mychron or Alfano gauge and proper safety gear for the track

Ask for a pic of the seal to see if it has the black thread in it but being an orange seal it should be legal. If so, the engine package and stand alone justifies the $1500.

The good stuff:
It is a cadet chassis, not a kid kart so it’s good through 12 years old.

At most tracks you can still run this as a Kid Kart also though if your driver is smaller or less experienced. Requires the Kid Kart throttle slide and coil.

The kart already has a rudder kit (pedal riser/replicator) for smaller drivers. That’s a $400 retail piece alone.

That’s around a 2016ish era kart based on the graphics, brakes and body panels. Parts are super easy to come by and OTK generally still stocks everything for it at the warehouse in FL.

The easy stuff:
To get running you need an oil change, new fuel line and some fresh gas. If you drop the float bowl on the carb (3 screws) and it looks like there is any green or white corrosion just replace the pilot jet and emulsion tube (under $20) and you should be good to go.

The not so good stuff:
While everything is great for a small driver it looks like, that era brake system is notoriously difficult for a small driver to get really positive brake feel. Is it the end of the world? No. Just keep pads and shims on hand and keep the air gap very tight.

To me that’s a no brainer for $1500 - buy it and get started down this crazy path!


Looks pretty solid to me, I say go for it

It is an orange seal engine, so it is the newer engine, it has a pedal relocator setup which will be great for smaller drivers, id ask of they have the original hardware for the pedals so you can grow into the kart. It has an orp motor mount which is about 300 bucks. So just engine (lomg as it has been taken care of and isnt losing compression or blowby) is worth 1000 to 1400. On the kart check all the seat mounts for cracks or welds, if he or you have alignment tools you can check if chassis is twisted if the camber is way off. Look for cracks im the paint or alligator like scales in the powder coat, this can be signs of a stressed frame. Check the bottom of chassis for cracks or or deep flat spots. I wouldnt worry about scratches as that is normal wear but the flat spots will be weak spots. Check the brakes to see if they are good. Nice stiff brake pedal. This is an older kart but if its light on use it will be as good as a newer kart . Especially to learn in. If chassis check out id give it 500 to 1000 in value. Offer them 1500. If it comes with a mychron 5 data id give them 1800 to 2000.

I asked for some more pics of the motor and the kart’s underside. Here they are…again, I don’t have kart experience, anything stick out as a red flag?

Frame doesn’t look too bad, would recommend throwing some chassis protectors on there regardless.

That way I look at it is a 206 goes for around 800-1000 bucks or so you’re paying around 500 just for the frame which is really good and a kart stand is a couple hundred so I would say looks like a great deal.

Underside and scraping ok in my book.

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looks just fine for a used kart .