Need help starting Karting in Florida

I would imagine there is support for the usual suspects OTK, Birel, Etc. I don’t know what’s supported locally to Anderson. have to do some digging

TBKart and Margay are also popular in FL I think

Ok just let me know what you find, if i were too buy a kart what should i get part whise i dont have a set budget

I wouldn’t recommend parting out your first kart. Definitely look for a used roller chassis that you just drop an engine on.

Can find used roller on Facebook good to go for anywhere from $1500 to $3500 depending on brand and condition

Could you look for me? No budget i can pay it all just keep it fairly reasonable price as its my first kart. It would be great if you could also tell me where to find suits thanks

I need it too follow these restrictions

The answer is you don’t know yet until you know what the scene is…

For example chase and his buddies race 4-stroke lo206… but when I started I had to start in 125TAG racing x30 because that’s what the series around here does. Had I bought a 4-stroke I would have had no one to race against.

Karting isn’t very standardized around the country… lots of different engine packages…

You need to get familiar with what’s being raced at the faciliry you are gonna call home: you then need to pick the type of kart engine that best suits your budget and has a healthy participation rate.

So, like TJ said, don’t buy anything yet… go to track, see what’s up, ask questions, make connections… then you will know what to buy.

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Karting suits can be found at most motorsports retailers. OMP, Alpinestars, and Sparco are popular

Im not planning too spend money til school cuts out i was just wanting your opinions as the spreadsheet for the upcoming events have regulations so i imagine they will be using karts that support the regulations

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Any full size kart with a ka100 set up for Jr will fit these rules. Like Dom had stated I would definitely look into the class numbers etc at Anderson. The last time I checked the KA Jr numbers were less than 4. Definitely don’t rush it! Karting is super fun I agree with the notion of making some connections at the local track. I owe everything in my karting “career” to my home track

Again, you can’t spreadsheet anything yet… gather the info… talk to Chases pal, talk to the facility about what’s available and who they recommend you talk to regarding support and equipment.

Also, since your folks said they’d pay half… they are gonna want to be a part of this convo because karting isn’t a one-time spend… its a reoccurring expense.

Each weekend of 125tag ran me about 750-1k under a tent for example… but that’s the expensive way.

The inexpensive way is running 4-stroke out of the back of a pickup but that still has significant costs.

My guess is that your start up cost for ka100 on a used engine/chassis with all the trimmings you’d need (mychron/transponder/tools/gear/ stand) is somewhere in the ballpark of 5-10k.

I asked them too lay half of the inital i personally have no problem with finances thats not s huge issue ill talk too them when possible

5 too 10k isint bad chances are i could pay that fairly upfront my parents already know about alot of this my dad did his own research

Ok cool! Talk to the race director/facility and they will point you to a local resource that can get you the info you need.

Should i contact the track too try to get in touch with him?

Literally pick up the phone or write an email saying…

Hello, I would like to start racing in your club series. I am new to this and me and my folks need help getting advice and guidance on what is required and who/where to go for help with this.

Is there anyone at Andersen that can help us or is there a local team/shop that can assist us?

Thank you etc…

Also, Chase mentioned racing out to Nate Balzer in the Andersen facebook page. He’s a friend of chases who races him and his son down there. Maybe you could ask him for some guidance/who to talk to.

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Ill send a screenshot of what they say when they reply