Need help starting Karting in Florida

Hello, im 14 and live in sarasota florida. I am looking too buy a kart for my local track.

Above are the specifications i would need to compete. Could somebody help me with what i should be ordering and buying. Thanks.

Hi Couth, which track in Florida do you think you’ll be able to run at? Can you talk a little more about what kind of mechanical support you’ll have at the races?

As of now i havent been i have only been once for a short time here is the link too the tracks website

Reach out to Nate Balzer on the Anderson fb page. Good friend of mine he recently relocated down there and I’m sure he can give you a good idea of what is supported etc.

Hello, im 14 and live in sarasota florida. I am looking too buy a kart for my local track.

Above are the specifications i would need to compete. Could somebody help me with what i should be ordering and buying. Thanks.


Firstly, before you buy anything I would suggest going out to the track on a race day if you haven’t already, and just sort of scoping out how everything runs, what kart brands are popular, who the local shops/teams are etc.

Primary concern when starting out is making sure you have a kart you can get parts, service, setup advice, and guidance on. Don’t wanna buy something that no one is familiar with and that you have to order parts for because if you break something on race day and don’t have a spare, your day is done.

As a junior driver, you’ll be needing a full-size chassis. This is also where a local shop or the local racers can point you in the right directions with regards to what brand to buy. Truthfully, most karts are pretty similar and most major brands will be able to be competitive. More importantly is knowing how to drive and tune each specific brand, so that’s where buying something that’s supported locally helps a ton. Also, many kart shops will have used equipment for sale too. And if you visit the track, I’m sure there will be some used stuff for sale from local racers, which would be a great option. You definitely don’t need anything new. Just make sure any used kart you are interested in buying is straight and has minimal wear on the bottom of the frame rails.

I can send you the link too the website of my local track if that helps i have been watching karting videos on how too get started so i know the basics.
Here is the link

What i mean by my first question is what should i be buying and i need to know what parts i should get when i learn more

Also what should i be using too transport it will a truck work my dad has one.

You kind of should do like TJ said and go hang around the track on a race weekend (Saturday practice) and see what folks are doing etc. if it’s a race series there’s folks that sell stuff like karts, parts and mechanical services to the folks who race.

There’s also a person who runs the series and probably would be the right person to talk to about getting started, what you need and who to talk to to get it from.

If you are gonna race a kart you buy, there’s more to it than just the kart… you need a stand, fuel jugs, race suit, helmet etc. you’ll need new tires regularly, etc. Also, once you’ve bought the kart, you’ve got to maintain it which involves doing stuff like getting the engine rebuilt on regular basis, fixing what breaks, etc.

It’s actually kind of daunting when new unless you have friends who can walk you through it or money to throw at the problem. If money is no object, there are plenty of teams in Florida that can shepherd you through the process and the race weekends… but it ain’t cheap.

Out of curiousity… have you done any of rental leagues or anything like that? That’s a much easier way to get started, that doesn’t require thousands of dollars up front.

At 14 this is something that will totally require your folks on your team… it’s pricey and logistically kind of difficult. You are gonna need your folks to help you get to and from the track with your kart, as well as probably pay for stuff like tires, parts, entry fees, fuel etc.

If you have no karting experience… seriously consider a rental league… its not as “cool” but it’s a lot of fun and a much cheaper way to dip your toes in the water, get to know folks, the facility, what’s offered, etc.

The website is sort of barebones and it seems like the facility is under new management…

But they do reference T4kartplex… which does rental leagues… and might be a good start.

I’d email the facility and say something like: “hey I want to get started racing in your club series but really am brand new and don’t know how to go about getting started, what’s required, what it all costs, etc? Is there anyone that me and my parents can talk to about this?”

PHONE: [(941) 723-3900](tel:(941) 723-3900)

E-MAIL:[email protected]

Seems like the fella running Andersen ran/runs? this other place which does rental leagues…

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T4Kartplex will assume operational control over all activities at Anderson according to the Facebook page. Effective May 1

Me and my dad have been working on airplanes and cars for years. I also already have my glider license working on pilots i know my way around rebuilds and mechanics. I know everything too do with cars so i havent been woried about the mechanical side. If you could tell me a good place too get some of the things i need that arent the car like suits and the other stuff you said that would be grea.

Tsracing is located in Florida. Similar to the other big kart shops

Aha… if I’m reading this correctly… Mr Andersen is backing off and the fella from t4 is gonna run the shebang.

It seems like Andersen didn’t do anything g other than owner karting whereas t4 did a variety of things?

So, under the new management are we thinking that Andersen complex will have rental/corporate/owner stuff as the new guys take over?

Here’s the full write up! Looks like Mr. Anderson will still remain facility owner.

Try reaching out to the fellow that Chase mentioned a few posts back. He’s local to the scene and can probably help.

Definitely. Nate is a long timer karter and him and his son have being doing 206 together for a bunch of seasons now

I have gone go karting many times before when i lived in baltamore. I know the basics and enjoyed it every time i went. I have a job and side hustles that make me money, i could pay for everything id need upfront. My dad wouldnt mind driving me because he has construction sites near the track. He has a truck too transport in with a defent size bed.
Thanks for the help

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My parents offered too pay half so i have a high budget, my spending account has enough too buy most of the stuff id need used or new. I just need to know what i should get thats what ive been wondering