Need Help TM R1 AirBox and Mount

Hey Ya’ll.

I’m currently assembling my shifter kart, (TM R1)

Does anyone have any pics
Of how you install the air box mount and the actual air box?



That’s going to depend on the chassis. Some Chassis have a Tab that stick out of the chassis to mount an airbox cradle, some don’t What chassis are you working with?

Charles Leclerc, BIREL ART

I am miles away from my garage but this is what I stole from the net

So use the tab to mount the bracket using the bracket hole and solid spacers. Start with one or two.
Mount the airbox cradle using the rubber spacer underneath (you can move it along the slot as needed)
Depending on how it looks like, you need to try to align it by turning the airbox and its manifold and adding/taking out solid spacers to put it at the correct height. A little bit of trial and error, rubber manifold should align without too much pressure

If you are tall, you may want to angle it to the right and turn it sideways, so you create some extra room for your legs

Tip: try to center the cradle in a way that gives you few cm forward and few cm back, so when you change sprocket and move the engine forward/back, you don’t have to redo all this…leave a little bit of room both ways


This doesn’t look quite right……any ideas?

…almost! Rubber is mounted the wrong way. Take the spacer on top out and put the rubber underneath the cradle, in its place.

That will also make the filter seat flush with the cradle

Does this look right now?

Much better! Two cheap fix suggestions:
-Change that bolt in favor of a flathead like this. It will go deeper into the hole and sit flush

-Reduce the angle outwards of the box, it should fit straight ahead, with just enough angle to fit your leg. If you are really tall maybe 10 degrees or so, you have way too much angle outward


Getting close!

Better view of the angle here