Need help to identify this kart please

Make and model of chassis

Hello everyone I am new to this forum and I was wondering if anyone can help me out here . So I just got a go kart and I don’t know what brand or model it is , the guy I got it from said it was a trackmagic kart that’s about it . To me it looks like it was a shifter Kart in the process of putting a lawn mower engine on it . I have tried to look for similar pictures to try to identify it but no luck .

Uploading: 1EB5BDEE-A8AD-4A9C-9FDC-607898E50F5D.jpeg…

Uploading: 768EE979-DD5C-4139-918B-9403164A88EC.jpeg… Uploading: 76B90D20-EC64-41B0-B620-57BF9631A589.jpeg… Uploading: 4155DAAD-FDEF-4237-A6E1-55AEC2A3D2CE.jpeg… Uploading: 9F146FBA-4E95-4AA6-8081-899755AC2828.jpeg… Uploading: B4C37E0E-3614-483A-BAD2-6596C1253FF0.jpeg… Uploading: 76270986-DDFA-41BC-9827-B2625BA738CE.jpeg…

looks very similar to this dragon kart

It does look like the dragon is pretty close, the 80cc shifter makes sense given the lack of front brakes.

Paging @Norcal_Karters on this one.

What’s funny is I literally got an instagram notification for leading edge motorsports as I clicked on the topic.

If we’re to assume those graphics are in fact related you could contact Leading Edge motorsports: Greg Bell

Thank you for your input I will try contacting Greg for more info about this kart … I don’t know if this is true or not but I read this in another website … “In 2008 Trackmagic went under new ownership and the Hornet was created. Made by Intrepid. In 09 - 2010 another owner change and the karts are being produced by Wild kart. Hopefully a full return to USA made is in the cards soon.” Does that mean they are making trackmagic karts but whit a new name ? I ask because I would like to get parts for the kart I have now , I need new brembo caliper and disk brake .

I’m pretty sure I sent @Chalex to this forum to identify it. :smiley:
I’m sharing in the Trackmagic group now.

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