Need help with Kart price for My Shifter

I wonder if you all may be able to help me with the value of my Kart.I’m new to Karting and traded my motorcycle for 2 karts,a new CRG DD2 and a Birel Shifter with the Swedetech 125cc motor.I have to probably get rid of one Kart because these are way more expensive to maintain than all 3 sportbikes I had.The Birel needs a bleed screw removed on the rear caliper,I rebuilt the front and they work fine.The rear brake needs work because the 2nd bleed screw needs to be removed to get the proper bleeding.It has a spare 125cc 1999 CR motor with it.I am installing a new seat this weekend.I appreciate anyone’s input.

Hard to say with what you posted but I would say 2-3k

I’m in a similar range, around $2,500. Probably $3k tops.

I tend to agree with the group in that you’re looking around $2500, although that’s with the brake issues taken care of.


It’s probably worth spending some time confirming what you have. CR125 “Stock moto” engines can go as much as $2500 alone. So it’s worth taking the time to see if they meets the specs for that class. Note that it’s not just about cylinder porting, but also the cases, ignition and other things.

Road racing classes tend to be 99 cylinder only, so that’s a potential market there for you if you find you’ve got one, or two 99 CR125 stock motos.

The motor on it is a 99 Swedetech for sure

Hopefully this makes sense: I just want to make it clear that being a 99 cylinder alone doesn’t make it eligible for a stock moto class.

If you can verify it is a stock moto (It likely is) then that would increase it’s value.

Here’s the ruleset:

Also, the Shark Shifter coverings on the cylinder are indication that it may NOT be a Swedetech-preparred, engine, but perhaps one that had the magic can fuel system fitted. Not the end of the world, just something that you may want to clarify.

I’d say $2750 with brakes that work and a successful day at the track to demonstrate that it’s running well too.

Yeah stock 125 with Swedetech components you guys are right.I just looked over the engine,and the spare engine is a stock 99 as well.I just got the rear bleeder out and have decent brakes,not as tight as,the crg but still good.The brake bias is set at 50/50.I just installed the new fiberglass tiller seat also.The seat was probably the hardest thing to install because I had to make sure of all the clearances from the shift linkage to the handle shifter.I had to use alot of seat shims which was a pain.I’m 6ft2 and lt is still a little short lengthwise but can live with it.Most of my coworkers who will be using the karts with me are 5’10 and below so they’ll be comfy.I do need to get some padding for the seat,any recommendations?

Padding is nice, but a rib vest might be a more effective option for you.

Get a bengio rib vest. No question. It’s the best, and everyone’s gonna tell you that.

I gotta disagree and say Stilo Carbon Curva.

I ran a Bengio for a few years and went to the Stilo this year and it’s miles ahead of the Bengio in comfort and impact/pressure absorbtion.

First I have heard of it and a shocking claim! Looking it up, it appears to be similar and definitely a challenger to the Bengio.


I believe it retails for 350 so same price as a Bengio.

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I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t try it myself.

Man now I definately need to get rid of one of my karts.I think I may have to start selling my body parts to afford karting.I was at our newest shop this week at Road Atlanta.A man next door heard I had to Karts.He said the CRG DD2 is a great kart and my older Birel 125cc shifter is a beast.He races Formula Atlantic professionally.He’s having his CRG shifter brought here from California.I guess I’ll have some great instruction on driving.He told me ribs can easily be bruised or broken and that this will be the most mentally and physically challenging driving that I will ever do.He said the G force is more noticeable in a shifter than his Formula Atlantic racecar.

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Yep, you’re in for a treat. Very physically and mentally demanding. With that in mind you could swap the engine out for a while with something less violent.

I don’t have that option in my budget,I received both karts in trade for my Triumph Speed Triple 1050.So myvright foot will make or break me.I had many Superbikes in my day and the first thing I learned was to get a feel for the bike,get my comfort zone and improve on my faults before advancing to another level.

I thought you were just keeping one kart though? You could sell the DD2 and put some of that money towards a different motor for the Birel.

One downside to the DD2 setup is that the chassis are specific to the DD2 engine package. Changing the engine on them isn’t always trivial… which is why DD2 karts tend to be less expensive.

Honestly if budget is a concern, you’ve got the wrong kart probably. A shifter is going to beat you up, blow through consumables like brake pads and tires, and be a fickle beast to keep on top of. As James said, you would probably be better off selling off the one kart and the shifter engine and picking up something a little more user friendly, like a KA or VLR 100cc option or even an X30 or TaG engine. LO206 is always the answer for newbies, but I have a feeling with your past experience of driving/riding you would be bored with that fairly quickly.

A shifter is the wrong kart to learn on in my opinion. It’s just too brutal.

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Yeah I wanna keep one karts I am not really sure where to sell the Kart.I may have to keep one.The CRG needs nothing but the Birel needs a few items to make it perfect.