Need help with tonykart brakes

I have a 200

8 Tonykart venox, and i want to know the correct brake pads and fluid for the front and rear brakes.

I would imagine it was originally glycol fluid in the system, but that doesn’t mean that it stayed that way. You can do a water test with the current fluid to see what type it is.

I’ll probably just get 5.1. Thank You!

A quick correction, DOT 5 is not compatible with DOT 5.1, dont mix them.

DOT 5 lives on its own island.


Thanks. I was under the impression it was formulated to work with both glycol and silicone. I edited my post to avoid confusion.

@EvilBunny208 might be best to do the fluid type check linked above to see what’s in the system already.

I tried the water test and they mixed, but i couldn’t tell if it was just glycol, or glycol and silicone like 5.1

Could I also have some advice on bleeding the brakes, as in all the tutorials ive watched the master cylinder has a reservoir but mine doesnt

Do you have a bleeding tower?

Pics. The process is similar across brakes.

No, would i need one?

It makes bleeding OTK brakes super simple.

How would I remove the old brake fluid?

The old brake fluid gets flushed through as you bleed the new fluid in.

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I opened up the master cylinder and the insides are really bad, the spring is rusted and gummed up, and there is a lot of dirt and some corrosion, should I just replace all the bad parts?

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I would say thats not a bad idea

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Is there like a solution i could soak the master cylinder housing in to clean it, I already sprayed brake cleaner and wirewheeled it, but there a little section in the middle that my wirewheel cant reach.