Need info on Prisma tire gauge

Can someone with a prisma tire gauge open the back and take a pic of where the battery wires go?

the gauge is six years old…


here’s the aanswer.

The older model of the prisma gauge has nothing to keep those wires from breaking off. The new one (below) also doesn’t have any protection from the wires being pulled on… so be careful when removing the battery.

fwiw, after getting this old (6yr old) gauge back together I tested it against a brand new one. They read exactly the same. You get what you pay for.

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Mike, glad you got your original tire pressure gauge working again. Just came across your post. I’m wondering if under the two locations that you resoldered the leads for the battery there were pass-thru holes in the circuit board similar the other round and square holes along the edge of the board. Feeding the leads thru the holes and soldering them would have given you a stronger connection. You also have a potential for the battery leads to short to the circuit board unless there is a protective coating over the land runs.