Need karting suit help - Margay Spec Series

About to start racing in a Margay spec series lo206 heavyweight class with first race on 2/23/19 upcoming. I need to buy a karting suit but Margay doesn’t require a specific level of suit.

I do not want to spend a lot of money on my first suit because it might not be what I ultimately want or need.

Can you recommend a brand?
Can you also recommend where I should go to buy it?

What’s your budget for a suit?
Always mention budget, or it’s hard to give a recommendation that might fit your needs.

With patience, you can usually find something on closeout from the various online guys. You can get good suits for like 100-200 on sale.
Fit is the issue. Some brands run more “husky” some are more slender.

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Under $200 if possible.

Is there a way to know which brands run a certain way? I’m broad shouldered and broad chested. From what i can tell, if i get a suit that fits me in those areas, it’s going to be baggy from the stomach down and too long in the legs.

Best option is to find your local kart shop and see if they have any suits in stock. Everyone is shaped differently, and will have a different preference for suit fit. Head over there and try a few on.

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You are gonna need to try different brands then. I had same issue. Generally the euro brands seem to run thinner than the US ones.

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Something to consider:
Do you have a rib vest? If so do you want to wear it inside or out?

K1 should be doable in that price range.

Here is a size chart

Don’t know why weight is in inches though.

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From the look of things, I’ll have plenty of room for a rib vest inside the suit if i get the suit to fit my chest. I’m considering a rib vest but not for this first race.

In my opinion K1 offers very good entry level suits that will get the job done at a reasonable price. My first 2 suits were K1 just recently upgraded to a nice alpine stars suit.

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Thanks for the info!

Borrow one if you have to. You’ll want it.

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Also a rib vest could determine seat size also.

I am a bit of a safety nut compared to some. In rental league a lot of guys skip the safety gear. You are required to wear a helmet and neck brace. Many will opt for a rib vest. I also wear gloves. Some don’t. My take is gloves may save you from a burn. I generally wear my kart suit. Always a rib vest. Nobody skips the rib vest if they have one. Last race I almost got thrown out of the kart on one impact.

As others have mentioned, head to your local kart shop. You may save a few bucks online but building a relationship locally can pay dividends in the long run.

In regards to price. G Force seem to be the cheapest at sub $100. K1 gets you in the door around $100-125.

Wear a rib vest. Not 100% necessary until when you needed one LOL. You can find use or buy new. My Son wears a FreeM Carbon and loves it.


You could also try posting on the wtb part of the classified forumsnof ekn and the like looking for suit, rib vest etc…

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If you like your ribs, wear a rib vest.

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