Need New Brake For Top Kart Flash Help!

I was recently gifted a Top Kart Flash (2011 I think) Rotax Max. The kart has been sitting for about 6 years so I am attempting to get it track worthy. I raced 250 Shifter karts back in the 80’s in the UK and now at 61 years old I am tempted to start racing again here in the States. I just plan to get the Rotax out there to run laps to see if I want to get back into racing before I buy a modern kart. I have one major problem with the kart and that is the brake. The pistons were stuck in the caliper and once I got them removed I can see that the bores are all scored up so I don’t want to try using it like that. However I can’t find a new caliper for it. Ideally I would like to fit a different brake caliper and master cylinder as I’m not that impressed with the Top Kart one. Any suggestions, thanks.

Replying to my own thread here! Still can’t locate a caliper, anyone have ideas?

If you want to custom fab a caliper bracket and drill a new hole on your master cylinder bracket, you can just throw a cheap set of MCPs on there.