Need New Brake Lines for an old kart

13-year kart First Kart and need all new brake lines. Where can I get them? I took everything off and brought it to the best auto parts place in the area but NG. Same at the local auto repair shop. I will try OVRP this weekend but no sure of the chances.

What do guys do when you need new brake lines?


If a factory part is unavailable. Should be able to go to almost any local hydraulic shop. Bring the old hoses and they should be able to build you an exact replica.


eyeball what modern kart has a brake setup that closely resembles yours, find a kart shop that carries spares for that, call them up to verify measurements (length of the sections and fittings). You will likely find a compatible setup. Depending on the age, it may be equipped with Birel parts, so I’d start there

You’ll need to determine what kind of fitting you have exactly, and go from there. I have an older kart that uses BSP fittings, which I’ve had to order off ebay and import from China. The hose itself I used 6mm international hose available at places like comet.

This may help.

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Yes, definitely Birel. I just don’t know who would have 13 yo Birel brake lines. I will ask around.

I saw the Comet lines, just had no clue on the fittings or how to marry the line to the fittings.

Not an easy one. Might be easier to buy a new kart :grinning:

Solved. Local hydraulics shop has all the pieces and can make up the complete line for me.

In North NJ guys here are super helpful and friendly.