Need to build podium for my club. Ever seen a brick or masonry one?

Simple topic. If you know of an awards podium made of cinderblock, brick or even railroad ties, built on the ground please share a pic or the name/location. Looking for ideas, inspiration.
We could use a podium but dont want to deal with hauling it around.
I figured this could look classy and not likely to walk off when we arent there.

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Do you run at a temporary or permanent circuit?

Permanent. It’s in a run down huge park owned by the city. We have a lease. We race once a month. There has been vandalism to our storage building and copper for our lighting. Buddy Butts Park, Jackson, MS. Springridge Raceway. Lake Speed’s dad was the mayor when the track was built. We are trying to bring the club Mississippi Karter’s Association back from the brink. Doubled karts from last year. Want to continue the pace.


I was thinking of putting it in the unused space in front of the flagstand, with a banner for sponsors behind it attached to the stand supports. And a banner or sign on the railing for the Club logo/Sign. Wanted some type of backdrop and thought that’d be a natural place to hang one.

Depending on how permanent you want the podium. It wouldn’t be hard to form and pour a concrete podium. Otherwise you could dry stack block, stucco coat them to look nice and put a large concrete paver on top.

You obviously will have to talk with the city to get approval because these things will have liability issues.

I can’t help with the podium part but I’m excited to hear about a track being revitalized.

I would think something portable would be more versatile. Something you can get a couple of people to carry indoors, outdoors, in the sun, in the shade etc.

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East Lansing’s is painted wood. 2x4 planks for the three standing areas, 2x4 studs to support them, plywood front and rear, a couple of cross braces to prevent racking, about 8’ long, about 2’ deep, about 2’ high to the first place spot. It weighs so little that one of us can carry it away after the racing season finishes.