Needle Valve size - KZ Dellorto VHSB 30

Hey Guys,

What needle valve size comes as standard in tm r1 ?

I’ve seen sizes ranging from 150 to 350.

Is this something to test out? I only do short circuit stuff.

However there is one track on the calander that would be quite long. Hitting 100mph in the kz class.

I think 300 is standard.

Better to play with atomizers, needle and jets

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Partly depends on your fuel pump configuration. Certain configs may not require a return line. It’s easiest to stick with the 300, run either THIS pump of THAT pump, and have a “T” or “Y” fitting installed to allow for return flow back to the tank.

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Perfect, Will try that. Another tuner said to try the 150. Yet he mainly does long circuit superkart stuff. He thought the 150 might suit short circuits better.