Neutral Chassis Setup Birel

Birel RY30-S5

Hey guys, I need some advice on setting up a new chassis that I’m gonna be racing from next year.

My intention is to set the chassis up in a neutral state and then make small changes from that point.

What I’m after is stuff like rear width, front width, front and rear ride heights, caster/camber eccentric placement top and bottom etc.

Engine is rotax senior, MG red tires. The link below shows the track surface, that’s not the current track configuration but it’s the same surface.

Older document assuming some or most transfers over, MRP may have a newer one too if you reach out.

I raced an older Birel chassis last year (2007 R31) and MRP (Steve in particular) was great about answering any and all questions I had regarding the chassis and helped me with setup suggestions. Here is Steve’s e-mail:
Stephen Miller [email protected]

BirelART_Chassis_Setup_4.pdf (234.3 KB)

This is the recommended setup for basic chassis setup/baseline

Thanks Andy, that one is for quite an older model though and tres, this is for the newer birel art models, mine isn’t that new but they should be of some help thank you .