New 24hr Guinness Record Contender

A smoker is attempting the 24hr world endurance record. What do you think?

I think he won’t even get close.

You’d have to be a reasonably quick driver to beat the record I would imagine. We all know how slow our non-racer friends are when we take them rental karting… And you have to maintain that pace for 24 hours.


Go for it…You can do anything that you put your mind to it and if you want it bad enough…

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible because anything can happen. 24 hours indoor is considerably more difficult than outdoor though. I ran about 5 seconds off my normal pace for 24 hours, and I was torched. I expect he’ll stay on pace in the early hours, but he’ll be in for a rude awakening as he gets into the teens hour-wise and realizes he still has 10+ hours to go.

Best of luck to him!

Outdoor record actually just got broken about an hour ago.

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Track layout doesn’t look super favorable, but he should have a shot.

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Now that’s interesting. What makes indoor tougher? How harsh the ride is? Lack of breaks on the straights?

Lack of breaks, and degrees of steering per mile. Track is much tighter and straights are much shorter, and steering isn’t really any lighter. Hairpins are killers! At New Castle I did 920 laps on a 14 turn layout, which was a little less than 13,000 turns. For the indoor, I did 1439 laps on a 20 turn layout, which was almost 29,000 turns. And those turns had tighter radius than an outdoor track, and averaged more degrees of turning per turn. When you think about it, the physics of it are just insane!


Does no one else think this effort is a little fishy?

He’s on “pre-emptive” medical leave (which even is that, he expects to be sick?). Medical leave, in Canada, usually means someone is paying him because he’s sick. He’s raising money ($10k)…for his leaving expenses between now and the end of January.

On a more serious note, if you were trying to break the distance record would you not head to a high average speed track, or an oval?

Well yeah, because smoker guy is about to drive a kart for 24hrs. I can’t even do that for 24mins :smiley:

I’ve thought that too, but just figured there’s some sort of stipulation in the Guinness rulebook. Maybe you have to submit the track layout as part of your record attempt application.

Paging @Trey_Shannon again

Yes, GWR has certain stipulations regarding track length and number of turns. You have to submit a circuit layout along with a professional survey showing the track measurements in your evidence packet. Ovals are definitely not allowed. Indoor and outdoor are two different records. Perhaps a third record for oval if someone wants to attempt?

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Find a circular oval track, lock the steering wheel and accelerator and fall asleep, who needs Tesla’s Autopilot…