New Book! Motorsport Sagas: Unlocking the Power of Storytelling in Racing

Some shameless self-promotion :slight_smile:

Written another book. This one a little easier reading than the last one!

Available to buy on Amazon >> ( might take a few more days)

Motorsport Sagas: Unlocking the Power of Storytelling in Racing uncovers the narrative mechanics that make high-profile motorsport such a riveting spectacle. The book also reveals why the drama and excitement of racing rival those of any Hollywood blockbuster, and why it is imperative for every racing driver seeking to broaden their reach to grasp the nature of high-stakes competition.

Delving into the precise storytelling techniques utilised by the world’s foremost writers, it illustrates how these same narrative elements are woven into the fabric of racing. By understanding these mechanisms, drivers can craft motorsport adventures that resonate with a larger audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned racing enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of motorsport, this book offers a captivating exploration of the symbiotic relationship between storytelling and motorsport competition. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey where adrenaline-pumping action meets the artistry of narrative craft, all within the fast-paced world of motorsport.


I literally was on the couch yesterday reading the Racers brain one. Now I have a sequel!

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The new book is easier reading that’s for sure :slight_smile: (18500 words), but I guess it is similar in nature in that it’s a deconstruction of sorts.

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Podcast out now my brother Terence of On Racing Drivers talking about my new book Motorsport Sagas: Unlock the Power of Storytelling in Racing


I look forwards to it, I have been trying to add narrative to my videos to try to add some “story” so that the viewer can be more engaged and see the experience through my eyes, a bit. Each heat has a story. Without that it’s just laps, really. I guess that’s why drive to survive worked so well, initially. It engaged us in a the story behind the racing.

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Hopefully you get something out of it and expand on the idea of narratives etc…

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I have gotten something from the podcast discussion. And I’m only a bit into it so far.

So far I was struck by that idea that one needs to bring one’s competitors into the story and make them characters in the play…

This makes so much sense in that the stuff that we remember isn’t about one driver but the rivalries etc (eg: Prost/Senna, Hunt/Lauda).

And the idea that there is latent interest in karting…

The point for me isn’t sponsorship but rather promotion of the sport. The latent interest observation hit home as I have seen this irl via the supercharged stuff. What I have produced has been relative to my other stuff, very successful, in terms of views and subs. My channel took off.

But as I look around, we basically all do the same thing… we post our heats, or make shorts that capture some moment of driving… but that’s it.

The latent interest is piqued and they will watch, but they will move on once they have gotten familiar and it becomes repetitive. That’s antithetical to my objective which is to generate new drivers in the series.

So, my intuition told me to start commenting as an overlay to the driving, to explain what’s going on, to reveal the secrets, in a sense. Teach, inspire, give people confidence that they can jump in.

I like the idea of roping in the others and have accidentally started to do so… but I think there’s meat on that bone to go much further with it.

Use the rivalries to inform and educate about racing and try to help new folks become the type of racer we want to share the track with… show them that the fast drivers aren’t the stereotype that seems to persist in motor sports… that while racing is a singular endeavor it requires a village.

Show them how the fast guys communicate, how they respect each other, how they aren’t elitists but rather, passionate advocates, ( generally). At least in my little racing world, that’s how I choose to see it.

What’s interesting to me is that the shorts work, always, to attract many eyeballs… but the “real” content, the long form racing, almost never does. But recently, since I started trying to add some narrative to the heats, I am seeing more views on the long form content than before… and I think that’s confirmation of the latent interest. Perhaps there is a hunger for deeper understanding of what kart racing is, rather than simply zoom zoom krash stuff.

Anyways, I recognize that this thread is to promote the bookie and I am not trying to highjack your story… but perhaps this is of interest as it relates so closely to what you and Terence discussed…

Back to the podcast.

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Finished! It is a quick read and very interesting!
I particularly enjoyed the Pastrana bit since I’m not familiar with him.

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I did the Motorsport Sponsorship Podcast with Belinda Riseley of Motiv8t about the book