New Book: Oval Kart Technology

Saw this in a Facebook ad recently and grabbed a copy out of curiosity.

Even though I don’t race oval (at least not yet), I like to support efforts that attract and/or keep people in the sport when I can.

Plus, since I’m racing at rock island maybe I’ll learn a trick or two. It’s practically an LTO oval with only one right turn.

Here’s their sales pitch:


This modern, up-to-date, technical book provides easy to follow, detailed explanations to understand oval track race karts - assembly, maintenance, tuning, and race preparation. Full color, 440+ images, 180 pages.

FACT: Races are won in the shop.

If you’re a kart racer and want to improve your performance, you have to start in the shop and this book is your roadmap. This book was written to TEACH and knowledge is speed. From buying a chassis to post-race clean-up and EVERYTHING in between. Go to our website at www. and see what it offers.

Order your book and get the knowledge you need to get to the front of the pack. Ships daily M-F.

I’ll circle back with a report as time allows.