New Fan Car

Now that is impressive!

Pikes Peak 2023?


Absolutely bonkers vehicle.

Chilton said in an interview that they want to take it to Silverstone and try and beat his best time in an F1 car…

It seems optimized for these shorter runs. How big of a battery can they fit in that thing?

It’ll run for 30-60 mins in current form.

That thing is bananas. It looks like a caricature and it’s a missile.

It would be great at Pikes Peak even if they have to restrict it to short bursts on corner exit and cruise the straights to get adequate cooling and battery life.

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I thought the video was compressed when I first saw it
It’s about time someone made a vehicle with no restrictions

Chilton also mentioned in his interview that it was governed at 150 mph I believe. He said that he was just cruising for a few seconds on each straight.

It’s like a ladies shoe on steroids. Wierd wheels for sure.

I need to sim this asap.

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Another oddity at Goodwood:

Getting rid of the meat puppet makes for good aero.

Not that it was ever going fast enough to use aero.

Faster than a meat puppet… driving a Model T.