New flywheel won’t start

Please take your time with me….I’m new to the forum and still have a lot to learn.

I got the kart from a cousin who rebuilt it and have been learning as I go. It has a GX200 clone.

As I was driving last week I heard a bang and noticed an occasional sputter so I turned back to the house and shut the engine off. It didn’t have any issues on the mile return to the house.

I thought maybe I ran over something and also couldn’t find any external signs of damage right away.

I tried to restart the engine but it wouldn’t start.

As I removed the pull start cover I saw the issue. The magnet on the flywheel had broken apart and was in shards.

I did some quick google searches and thought buying an inexpensive one aluminum one on Amazon was the best choice and it had good reviews.

I can’t get the engine running now. I have fuel but I don’t seem to have spark.

Help please

Is the picture of the flywheel the old one, or the replacement?

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New aluminum flywheel installed with pull start removed

With the broken magnet? That’s the old one. I’ve just posted a photo of the new one

First, do you have a link to the flywheel you bought? I’d be concerned about the quality, rpm rating. How did you determine if it has the correct ignition timing. Is there a magnetic field on the new flywheel?


Everything works fine now……when I reinstalled the cover I ditched the on/off switch and didn’t realize I shouldn’t have grounded the wire.

It actually runs smoother now and seems to have more power off the line and at low rpm.

I bought the flywheel off Amazon for $38

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While I had it apart I installed an extended starter nut.

I also cut the front off the flimsy pull start cover and welded on a new one I made on the water jet.