New Forum Features To Try!

New Forum Features to Try

I’m not big on standing still, especially when it comes to internet tech. I’m a big believer in continuous improvement and karting deserves the best.

Last night I upgraded the forums to Discourse v2.1.0 Beta1.

Probably the most relevant ones:

  • New search tools
  • Two factor authentication (if you’re into that kinda thing)
  • Ability to (easily) revoke permission from social apps if you used one to signup.
  • Passwordless login via email link

Here’s a longer (but still abbreviated) list of updates

:white_check_mark: Add option to hide poll results until poll closes

:white_check_mark: Add “welcome to our community” PM for users who successfully transition between TL0 (new signup) and TL1 (15 mins reading, 5 topics entered, etc)

:white_check_mark: Per category search weight (possible per topic as well)

:white_check_mark: Send an automatic PM to users who have too many email bounces letting them know they should fix their email

:white_check_mark: Allow selecting a tag when moving posts to a new topic, if tags are enabled (right now you can only pick category)

:white_check_mark: List social accounts on user prefs page and allow revocation.

:white_check_mark: User selectable theme components: allow admins to denote certain components are user selectable, if this happens they can be composed into the master theme. (eg: large / small font)

:white_check_mark: Update Font Awesome to V5

:white_check_mark: Discourse will ignore if a character is accented when doing a search

:white_check_mark: Automatically close a poll on a given date/time

:white_check_mark: Insert date/times that automagically translate to the reader’s proper time zone

:white_check_mark: Add whitelist and blacklist for crawler bots to reduce unwanted traffic

:white_check_mark: Two factor auth login support courtesy

:white_check_mark: Passwordless login via link Passwordless signin via email link

:white_check_mark: Paste in HTML content and it will be converted to markdown

Details on some of the updates/improvement previous to this batch, here:

What would you like improved on KartPulse?