New Forum Visitor Record in Feb!

Whoop whoop! Thanks everyone for making the forums awesome and valuable.

For those of you not familiar with google analytics, this is the number of visitors/actual people as opposed to website hits.

Website hits were around 150k for Feb.

That’s great! Are you able to track the % of visitors that engage, and if so, how has that trended lately?

Is that a typical users/hits ratio?

How many of your users are US-based vs. international?

Asking just out of my own curiosity. It’s great to see that the site is growing. Hoping that it translates to bringing some new people into the US karting scene!

It feels like it happens in waves.

It does. Winter has a trend up because people are itching to go racing. :wink:

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If anything it’s moreso summer where we saw 5% month on month growth for a while, I just didn’t make a post about it.

@Muskabeatz vast majority are US based by far.
Hits/visitors ratio I guess could be worked form above.
Engagement, I guess it depends on what metric we use, but we definitely have a high ratio of visitors/lurkers vs posters. Generally we get 4-6 signups a day.
I could bump that up with a modal window like we used to have. I might bring it back on the next upgrade/rebuild.

Most traffic is from google organic search. We haven’t posted many forum links to Facebook in the last year… which in a way I’m happy about because it means we’re seeing sustained growth without a reliance on FB.

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I haven’t seen any activity on this site for several days, is there something wrong?

Seems normal to me, Al. A bit quiet but nothing unusual.

It’s trending up to March 5th :man_shrugging: and the 6th isn’t even half way