New Fun Kart Vlog! Check it out!


(Kacy Stahl) #1

Hi Everyone! Me, my brother, and my dad all race LO206 at New Castle Motorsports Park. We recently started a vlog to document our time as a family at the kart track. We have a ton of fun karting and we try to capture that fun in this vlog. If you like it, please like and subscribe! Feel free to share the video

(Eric Gunderson) #2

This is great! Keep up the vlogging. Any and all media to fill the vacuum that is karting online is more important than any one of us could possibly realize.

(Kacy Stahl) #3

Thank you, Eric! We plan to keep making these vlogs throughout this season

(Dan Schlosser) #4

That’s cool to see a family having a blast together - absolutely what it’s all about!

(Greg Meller) #5

Cool vids, your Dad is so chill :+1:

(Kacy Stahl) #6

Thank you Dan! We definitely have a ton of fun! Appreciate you watching the video!

(Kacy Stahl) #7

Greg,thank you for watching! You’re right, Dad is chill and is very fun to be around

(Kacy Stahl) #8

Here is the newest Stahl Racing Vlog episode :smile: If you like it, please subscribe to our YouTube channel!

(Greg Meller) #9

Bahahaha. Your Dad. Eye candy. Literal rofl.

Top stuff guys :+1:

(Kacy Stahl) #10

Here is the latest Stahl Racing Vlog episode. Ben had a big brain fade, give it a watch to see his mistake! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you feel so inclined! The link is below the video.

Stahl Racing YouTube channel:

(Kacy Stahl) #11

Here is our newest karting vlog! We race LO206 at New Castle Motorsports Park. One of us had our first podium! If you like the video, subscribe to the channel for more content!

(James McMahon) #12

Nice job on the podium, that’s a competitive series!

(Kacy Stahl) #13

Thanks James! It was really awesome to finally snag a podium!

(Kacy Stahl) #14

Here is the newest vlog. One of us starts on the front row! We aren’t above begging for subscribers :slight_smile: if we get 150 subscribers by November 1st, Ben will eat a habanero pepper! Give it a watch and feel free to subscribe!

(Tinoda Pfidze) #15

Just subscribed! I might give you guys a shout on my Instagram I’d love to see that happen (And I just want to support you guys anyway because I enjoyed the vlog heaps.

(Kacy Stahl) #16

Thank you so much Tinoda!!! I really appreciate the support and hearing that you enjoy the vlog!

(Dom Callan) #17

Ok I subbed but I’m holding you to the habanero.

(Kacy Stahl) #18

Dom, rest assured that if we get the 150 subscribers Ben will be scarfing down a habanero. No one wants to see that more than me! :smile:

(Liam Sergeant) #19

Ditto to Dom’s post. Subscribed. Good to see more positive karting content.

(Kacy Stahl) #20

Here is our vlog from the Cup Karts Grand Nationals (Huge LO206 race). A great event, with some of the top 4 cycle talent from North America… Full disclosure, we struggled big time. Our mistakes and misfortune is your viewing pleasure!