"new guy" but just a lot to mull thru

So long story short a buddy saw this on marketplace, we were at our favorite watering hole and weeelllll I bought it the next day lol.

The husband that was building these passed away, and she was just getting rid on everything.

What I know is… It’s a predator 212, non hemi, never been run (not even oil in it yet), looks like a ARC stock box kit with plates / guards and a brand new 2 piece 56 tooth #35 sprocket. I know I have parts that don’t match but what I need to figure out is…

—Correct way / setup for the brake linkage from pedal to the master cylinder

— Correct setup for brake / throttle spring returns

— Correct way / setup for the throttle linkage from pedal to carb thru the ARC throttle plate.

— Correct threading / bolts for the sprocket hub. I know there is 6, I’m assuming they are 1/4x28 (3/4" long)

— Also what chassis this is / closest to to buy parts for, I have been beating my head trying to find plates, numbers, anything on the axle bearing mounts, underfloor, any plate or stamping anywhere and have none.

— There a good knowledge base of “proper” ways to build a kart? I am not gonna just hodge podge this with bubblegum lol

Anywho… I have just been trying to mull thru what I have to figure out and what I need.

Also here’s a link to a lot more pics, does anyone have a direction/ kits for the listed above instead of trying to 1x2 piece everything ? https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ms8tDYV6xawvEPap6

Thanks for the help and can’t wait to dial this up and get her ripping up the track :grin:


Kindly, the first thing we need to address is NOT driving any type of Kart through a neighborhood. I know I sound like a grumpy old man but It’s extremely dangerous for both you, other drivers and pedestrians. After all this is why we have tracks! I know I was excited to race my first kart but one of the first things I was told was NOT in the neighborhood.

Anyway, I hope we are able to answer some of your questions and at least get you up and running! Nothing wrong with revving her up outside the garage!

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Thats gonna be a great looking kart when you are done!

I agree with you on the neighborhood, but the neighborhood I am is very off the path and low traffic and lower population. The reference to that was honestly to get it tunedish and all that after it’s all together. I wouldn’t run it on that pavement most of the time anyways.

I’m hoping, once all figured out thinking a stage 3 kit, maybe a turbo and Makuni 20mm carb with nos just cause I never had it in a kart before lol, so what the heck lol

Is the idea to have a cool project kart or to have a lapping/racing machine?

Re neighborhood shakedown: the reason why we get hot and bothered is that the data is absolutely damning. They did a breakdown of karting fatalities in the 80s and 95% were folks toodling around in neighborhoods. We are just too low to be seen. Also, normal kerbs etc will flip you. The other way folks die is ladies get their hair caught in axle.

Very rarely there will be a fatality at a poorly conceived track. Usually a tree or other fixed object.

Stick to the track. Running into things designed to be run into is preferable. Also, no kids in lap. That’s another way to die (the kid).

I’m done with beinf preachey for now, sorry for the PSA.

Anyone… what’s we got going on here? This isn’t a sprocket or a brake disc… it’s not grooved so it’s not meant to hold a belt… there’s a similar, smaller one in the cassette next to it. It seems like it has mass intentionally so appears to be a flywheel of some sort.

What is it?

The 2 part sprocket bolts to that. Currently I am trying to figure out the correct hardware to mount the sprocket too, just have to figure out the hardware. (I wasn’t given everything needed)

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I appreciate it and I understand. Didn’t want to ruffle the apple kart, I understand

That’s an older cheap sprocket carrier. There’s a lip there that you can barely see. The thing behind it is just a weird cassette.

Sprocket bolts will probably be 1/4-20 or 1/4-28. Depends on if it was threaded fine or coarse.